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Engagement Technology

CONNECTIONS delivers fingertip access to over 2000 resident-ready activities and digital resources. Everything you need to enrich the hearts, bodies, minds and spirits of your residents can be accessed from any smart phone or wifi connected device. Every game, puzzle, sing along, virtual tour, travelogue, lecture or presentation can be displayed on any screen, anywhere. Connect to a projector for large groups or to a touch-screen for independent engagement.

Enjoy EOD's original signature programs like WEEKLY THEMES and AUTHOR OF THE MONTH for innovative opportunities available only through CONNECTIONS. 

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Monthly subscriptions are $100 per community
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Multi-site discounts are available.

"CONNECTIONS has cut my prep time in half."

Frank Bouche-LivGenerations Phoenix, AZ

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Simply use what you already use. Access EOD tools on any smartphone, device or computer then display on any screen, anywhere.

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Try our free one week trial then purchase a month to month subscription with a credit card or through our invoicing program.

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You can enjoy simultaneous use between your activities team, caregivers, residents and even their guests, all for one low price.

Additional Engagement Tools


Per month per community
Updated monthly

The DAILY DASHBOARD is a customized navigation tool that keeps your enrichment team and caregivers unified in delivering seamless, standardized and uninterrupted engagement.

We begin by collaborating to learn your branded program and the flow of your resident's day.

We then create a customized navigation tool where your entire team can engage residents from one simple dashboard.

Each button sends the user to hundreds of options to choose from. Your program routine is maintained while independent preference is respected and marketing promises kept.

Call us today for more details and how we can build a customized DAILY DASHBOARD for you. 480.223.8114

PERSONAL CONNECTIONS is created through collaboration with families to develop customized links that engage, comfort and support in a most personal way. It is particularly effective in enriching the lives of those struggling with dementia behaviors and confusion related stress

Videos, podcasts, classic tv shows, movies, lectures, music, travelogues, trivia, games, and so much more can be viewed directly from their own tablet or mirrored to their private TV screens. Families are engaged with a email and simple digital form to update their loved one’s PERSONAL CONNECTIONS each month. This keeps an updated, customized and effective tool in the pocket of every caregiver but also, this monthly contact is a regular reminder of the customized engagement your community delivers.

We strongly encourage this program be used with personal devices and will include 10 free refurbished ipads with a 12 month subscription.


Per 24 residents
Updated monthly for each resident
10 free refurbished ipads included with a 12 month subscription

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