Activities of Daily Living

You can always engage me in conversation by asking me about…

  • riding on Elvis’s motorcycle
  • your dogs Beau Champ and Jackson
  •  your son





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  • Enjoys: being alone
  • Dislikes: 
  • Music: 
  • TV: action movies, westerns
  • son
  • deceased daughter-30 years ago


On Demand Activities


My Life Story

Robert was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1940. He had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. His favorite childhood memory was riding on the back of Elvis’s motorcycle. He attended some high school and ran a successful sunscreen business. His favorite travel destination is Hawaii. He prefers  to enjoy activities alone but might enjoy more with the right person. He lost his daughter 30 years ago but has an incredible son that has taken care of him for a long time. He has two dogs-Beau Champ and Jackson. He is regularly visited by Sally his granddaughter, his sister Barb and neice Sara. He enjoys action movies and westerns.

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