Remembering the 1950s

Rock n Roll, Ike in the White House and a television in 

every living room…those were the days. 

Feel the nostalgia as we wind our way down memory lane with the sights and sounds of yesterday. We’ll see our favorite musicians, singers, actors and comedians and give a try at some trivia.

The 1950s in 3 Minutes

Credit cards, seat belts and frisbees-all brought to you by the 1950s. Let’s begin our exploration of the decade with a musical list of everyday norms we can thank the 1950s for.

Can you even imagine life without all of the innovations and cultural icons of the 1950s? Let’s watch a short slideshow of colorized photographs as we continue our walk down memory lane.


Rock n Roll came on the scene when artists combined blues, gospel and swing. Let’s continue our stroll down memory lane with Bill Haley and his Comets. “Rock Around the Clock” is the fifth best selling single worldwide by sales (25 million). Thanks to the hit sitcom “Happy Days” popular in the 1970s, this song has become a musical icon for the decade.

And who could forget Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day. Let’s watch his performance on the Art Laboe show in 1958.


So what was going on in Hollywood during the fifties? The fifties produced a new challenge for Hollywood. It now had to compete for the first time with television. Let’s take a look at the top ten movies of the decade.

Do you agree with the list?

What is your favorite movie of the 1950s?

Let’s listen to some of the Oscar winning songs of the decade and sing along to our favorites.


Not only have styles changed through the years, but also attitudes about apparel in general. Let’s see what was happening in our schools with this short clip about school dress codes.


Elvis Presley come on the scene in 1952 and is one of the most celebrated and influential musicians of the 20th century. Commercially successful in many genres, including pop, country, blues and gospel. He is the best selling solo artist in the history of recorded music. He won three consecutive grammys, received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36 and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fam.

Not only famous for his voice but also for his taboo shattering dance moves, let’s watch a sample of some of Elvis’ best moves.


After World War II, an improved form of black-and-white TV broadcasting became popular in the United States and by 1950 had  became commonplace.


Between 1949 and 1969, the number of households in the U.S. with at least one TV set rose from less than a million to 44 million. Our next step down our memory lane needs no introduction. This favorite sitcom entertained Americans with 180 episodes from 1951-1957. Episodes of the show have been syndicated in dozens of languages and remains popular with an American audience of 40 million each year.

-Just for Fun-

The 1950s gave us some of the best comedians of all time.

Who remembers the Jack Benny show? This iconic show premiered on CBS in October 1950 and ran through 1965. The program featured his wife, Mary Livingston, and the skits frequently lampooned his supposed chapeness.

Another great comedian of the day  was Red Skelton. He believed that his life’s work was to make people laugh; he wanted to be known as a clown because he defined it as being able to do everything. He had a 70-year-long career as a performer and entertained three generations of Americans.

In 1969, comic Red Skelton lamented on his weekly television show that the Pledge of Allegiance might someday be considered a “prayer” and eliminated from public schools.


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